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House painting is a trade where there are huge differences in quality of service. There are no strictly regulated standards that tradesmen need to comply with. As a result, it is virtually impossible to compare prices. Painters who make their money by cutting corners can afford to charge half as much as painters who do things to a high standard. The difference comes from preparation and detail and it shows up multiplied in the long-term value of your property. This concept is very important for potential clients to understand, otherwise they'll end up comparing apples with oranges during the quoting process.

Of course price alone is not an indicator of quality of service. Quoting a paint job is not an exact science, and even experienced tradesmen can under- or overestimate the work, either by mistake or on purpose. Quality contractors will do quality work regardless of how much money they make. And vice versa, a dishonest tradie can't help himself and will be trying to cut corners even when he's making very good money. The saying certainly applies in this respect: The way you do anything is the way you do everything.

A lot of times, it is impossible to give a realistic estimate of a paintjob, due to the huge variations in substrate condition and all kinds of other variables. In such cases I'm more than happy to work on an hourly rate, which ranges from $55 to $66 per hour, depending on the level of difficulty involved in doing the work properly.

However, I do understand that most customers like to know up front exactly how much the job will cost, no matter how unrealistic it is to try and judge.

Just for reference, here are some of my basic rates:

These figures are based on ideal conditions and just basic preparation. These figures are not based on trying to get as much work as possible, but rather on knowing how much time it takes to work to a decent standard without shortcuts taken.
The exact numbers are dependent on the size of the job and more specific details. How much brushwork/cutting in is involved, the current condition of the substrate, scope of plastering repairs needed, ease of access etc.

Exterior pricing I find very hard to standardize due to the huge variations in the existing condition of surfaces, size,  ease of access etc.